With respect to the 2020 summer convention season, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is taking no prisoners. The biggest events, like Wondercon in Anaheim, the E3 Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, and SXSW in Austin, have all had to throw in the towel this year.

But if there is one constant in the universe, it’s Fandom, and we will not be denied. The stage was set for CONCELLATION 2020, a sci-fi / fantasy convention taking place online, on Facebook.

There isn’t even a web site. It’s just a Facebook group, created by admins Christopher Ambler and Craig Glassner. Since its launch on March 12, 2020, just two weeks ago, it has gained 19,000 members and that interest is showing no signs of slowing down.

The SF&F con that’s always canceled. Celebrate the con that never was – cancelled before it was even announced, Concellation 2020 is the event you wish you could have pre-opposed!

Looking for the art show? facebook.com/groups/concellationart

Looking for the dealers’ room? facebook.com/groups/concellationdealers

So in light of all this, we figured, what major convention would it be without a dance party? Since anybody can join in and do things for the convention, SCIFI.radio is pleased to present the CONCELLATION 2020 DANCE PARTY, featuring DJ Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby as your host and live DJ!

The event is listed in the Concellation 2020 Facebook group, but the actual action takes place right here on SCIFI.radio.

You can also chat live with Shawn via our Discord server. The account is free, and you can talk with other fans or make requests in real time during the show.

In these troubled times, you might not be able to get to a real convention, but you can still join in on the fun. See you there.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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