The Second Doctor (Frazer Hines) and his Companions Jamie & Zoe (Wendy Padbury) fix a new circuit to the Tardis the Doctor removed a long time ago that can detect other time vessels in the vortex. Sadly as they do, it’s too late to stop a crash with another, very similar looking Tardis. Meanwhile, following a crash, the First Doctor (Peter Purves) and companions Steven & Katrina (Ajjaz Awad) crash land and get temporarily stranded on an alien planet whilst the Doctor affect repairs to the Tardis following a crash. When the Daleks show up, as well as the Second Doctor and friends, the First Doctor fears for the safety of his newest companion Katrina, as it appears none of this was meant to happen. But will the Doctors chose to sacrifice on life for a whole planet, or can they together find another way?

This is real Doctor Who porn. It’s a multi-Doctor story set in the days of black and white and themed so that it could be a 5th anniversary special, and also helping celebrate 20 years of Big Finish. What more could you ask for?

Well for starters, you get a blindingly good script from David K Barns who mixes up the companions so they get to work in different pairing, a resurrection of a two-adventure companion we only knew long enough to want to know more and two actors giving four great performances as Doctor and companions in Hines and Purves. Both of these actors are so good in their roles that you quickly forget not only that they aren’t actually the Doctors, but that they aren’t even playing their original series characters.

Who both of the Doctors are and what makes them the same and different are so well drawn out. With the First Doctor knowing what he should do, but petulantly refusing and the Second Doctor having to be the bad guy, despite being so damn charming and avuncular to all. Then you throw in some Daleks into the mix … what’s not to love? Stalwart Director Lisa Bowerman completes the line up and has cast this perfectly and keeps the action just at the right pace to be action packed, but also keeps the pacing methodical as these early adventures should be.

A must for all multi-Doctor, early adventure and Big Finish fans alike. Buy this adventure now on CD or digital here.


Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee