On December 1st, The Squee! Project  will host its very first gathering of creators, consumers, and fans for a day of community at the Lyric Hall Theater in New Haven, Connecticut.

The Squee Project is a collective of fangrrl creators. We attempt to cover the full fandom experience including cosplay, conventions, comic books, movies, podcasts, fanfic, episodics, and creating spaces for women, girls, femmes, and female identifying fangrrls to collaborate and network in geek-nerd culture.

The Program so far includes featured screenings of Wayward: The Documentary, a sneak preview of the upcoming docu-series Looking For Leia, the premiere of the third installment of the Squee! Project web-series, and a program of short films.

Well known cosplay guests include:

  • Cate Broomhead & Christine Evans of The_Cos_n_Effect
  • Rowena Cosplays
  • Ayla Ocasio & Jacob Daniel Womack
  • Jenn Wotchertonks

and more to be announced.

Performances by:

  • Cat Smith and Tea Time For Mad Girls
  • Nerd Karaoke

Getting Tickets

Here’s the link for buying tickets

We are currently offering advance tickets for $20 online. Use promo code FAF2018 for $5 off till November 11. Tickets at the door will be $25.


Vendor tables are cheap at $25 for small tables, or $50 for large ones. Apply via squeefilm@gmail.com before November 15

Short Films

We’re looking for shorts, 10 minutes and under, completed any time in the history of the world, which are your original creations, of any genre including but not limited to documentary, sci-fi, comedy, animation, web series, pop culture, fan films, and more. All films must have a woman in one or more of the following positions: Director, Producer, Writer, or Editor.

Here’s the link to submit your short films for our film program.

Buying Ad Space

Purchasing ad space in the official SqueeCon program is a prime opportunity to get your new content in the hands of your core audience. Designed in the tradition of Riot Grrrl fanzines of the 90s, the SqueeCon program is not just a schedule of events but a lovely piece of art fans can take home with them.

Ad space is available in the following sizes and price levels:

  • Full page 40$ for 8.5 X 11
  • Half page $20 5.5 x 8.5
  • Quarter page $15 5.5 x 4.25

To purchase ads or for more information on format requirements, please email squeefilm@gmail.com

Audience and presenter demographics anticipated in attendance include: women, gender non-conforming, and LGBTQ-identifying individuals; aged early 20s to late 50s; fans of pop culture, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and super-hero content, both literary and moving image.

About the Squee Project

The Squee! Project is a docu-series that explores different aspects of the fangrrl experience in each episode. We have screened at dozens of festivals and conventions, presented panels and won awards.  The name Squee! comes from the fangrrl term for joyous excitement.

Team Squee is a collaborative group of women in fandom that contribute to the Project, and they’re always looking for new partners in crime. You can join the fun by contacting them at troubledgirlfilms@yahoo.com or following their Twitter feed.


SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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