Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, CH, MBE, began making a movie in 1972 about his band Wings meeting mouse theatrical impresario Bruce McMouse. The film was directed by Barry Chattington and produced by Roger Cherrill, but was never released. It’s a combination of concert film and animation, with the live elements taken from four shows in the Netherlands and Germany in 1972. As with Dangermouse, The Great Mouse Detective, and The Rescuers, there is a parallel mouse civilization living within the walls of human civilization.

Bruce McMouse,the producer who saved Wings' career.
Bruce McMouse {image via Sir Paul McCartney}

Production of The Bruce McMouse Show went from 1972 to 1977. Due to changes in the membership of Wings, the project was shelved.

We are in for a treat, though – the film was remastered in 2018 and will be released in select theatres on Monday, January 21. “The Bruce McMouse Show was fully restored in 2018 at Final Frame Post alongside a brand-new audio mix (stereo and 5.1) created at AIR Studios and mastered at Abbey Road” according to the film’s website.

Current plans are for a single day release in select theaters: two in the UK (London and, of course, Liverpool), twelve in the US. However, if the film does well, it’s likely it will be re-released to a wider audience. It’s almost certain to be released on DVD.

Sir Paul McCartney, CH, MBE {image via Showtime Network}

In addition to doing the original sketches which cartoonist Eric Whylam developed into Bruce McMouse and his family, Sir Paul also voiced some of the animated characters.

The Bruce McMouse Show will only be in twenty theaters worldwide, three in Australia, three in Canada, two in the UK, and twelve in the US. If you’re in one of the chosen cities, will you attempt to see it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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