Nikola Tesla could not have imagined that the device he had intended to broadcast usable electrical power through the air without the use of wires would end up as a footnote in history, but they sure do make some great tuneage. Sometimes called a zeusaphone, the singing Tesla coil is manipulated to produce high-voltage, low-current sparks. The music is created by modulating the pulses sent through the coils as the sparks are made, at frequencies we interpret as sound.

Pause the stream while you watch this. The control is at the upper right if you’re on your desktop, or all the way at the bottom if you’re on your phone.

These two Tesla coils provide a remarkable rendition of the theme from “Inspector Gadget”, in a suitably gadgety mode.  The video itself comes to us via, who specialize in the creation of Tesla coils and using them in various performance media.


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