This article does include SPOILERS. We’re sure many have not seen the final two episodes of the CW’s five part cross-over event. If you don’t the ending spoiled for you, please stop reading and pick something else from our front page to read.

This year’s big crossover event featuring the CW’s DC heroes has now come to an end. While the budget was small, the content was huge. The five part event saw the heroes come together to fight against the Anti-Monitor, who is intending to end all life in the cosmos, just as in the DC mini-series it was based on. Like in the mini-series, the cross-over ended with our CW heroes all being on one Earth. However, the best part of the crossover was seeing the nods, winks, and cameos (some all too brief) that were scattered through out the event.

Some of these were the intro featured in part one, where we were shown not only clips from past events, but also Robert Wuhl as Alexander Knox, Burt Ward as Dick Grayson, and a couple of clips from DC Universe’s Titans edited to look like their Earth was destroyed by the Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter wave.

There was also Ashley Scott’s brief cameo, reprising her role as The Huntress from the short lived Birds Of Prey.

One of the scenes that really resonated with fans had Tom Welling and Erica Durance reprising their Smallville roles as Clark Kent and Lois Lane-Kent, as Superman of Earth 38, Lois of Earth 38, and Iris West-Allen search for the “Paragons”, special people chosen to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Sadly, it wasn’t Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex Luthor that Smallville Clark came face to face with.

Many people were not happy with this scene, feeling that Welling should be seen in the Superman suite. Having watched Smallville, I can say that this scene was perfect. It was typical Clark Kent of Smallville, who, after all these years, would follow in the footsteps of Jonathan Kent, who was a huge influence on his life. Also, good storytelling does not necessarily mean fanservice.

Sorry, not sorry.

One of the saddest moments, other than Oliver Queen’s death (twice), was the fate of The Flash of Earth 90. Always awesome to see John Wesley Shipp in The Flash, really awesome to see him in the Flash suit he wore in the original tv series. Like Smallville Clark in the clip above, what he did to save Earth was typical of the character.

The CW’s Black Lightning, unlike the rest of the CW shows, is filmed in Atlanta, so Cress Williams involvement in the event was limited. This scene between Jefferson and Barry was really good.

The Greats

Other great scenes include, Kevin Conroy, the definitive voice of Batman in animated form, appearing as a different Batman, one who broke his code on a different Earth.

Getting the chance to see Brandon Routh as Clark Kent/Superman again was amazing, and enriched by the use of the John Williams theme in the show’s score. Routh was great as Superman in Superman Returns. Sadly, the movie had given him a terrible story to deal with, which is why it was so long before we got to see him back in the cape.

Everything mentioned so far has been told by other media, in articles and video clips. A rumor, with a picture to stir the rumor, was Tom Ellis appearing as Lucifer. Ellis downplayed it, saying he was only on the set to wish a friend a Happy Birthday. He lied … sort of … the friend did have a birthday, but he said he wasn’t in the cross-over event. Lucifer Morningstar always tells the truth. Tom Ellis, however, lies. Also, Watchmen Easter Egg.

The CW and DCEU are Now Officially Connected

Then we have the cameo absolutely nobody saw coming:

According to executive producer Mark Guggenheim, Warner Brothers asked the producers to put Ezra Miller in a scene. Perhaps as a way to drum up interest in Ezra Miller’s Flash movie coming in a couple of years. It was still a surprise, though, and a good scene. It would be nice if there could be a story arc in the Flash series where the two Flashes meet again. Also there are some who are saying that it was all green screen and that the two actors actually weren’t in the same room together. We’re pretty sure they actually were on the set together.

The final chapter of the event dealt with our CW heroes now finding out that they are on the same Earth now, instead of different Earths, which was much like how the original comic book series ended – the one that was written by Marv Wolfman, who appeared in this charming cameo.

However, unlike the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event’s source material where there was only one universe at the end, the Multiverse was reborn, thereby giving homes to The Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing, the upcoming Green Lantern series (possibly), and Star Girl.

And as for the prologue? A heartfelt goodbye to Oliver Queen. A formation of a team – might be too soon to say “League”, but finally …well, if you grew up during the 70’s, you got your Saturday Morning Flashback.

What’s to Come

Each of the shows will be dealing with the outcome of this event, especially Arrow. Things are being set up for the Arrow spin-off, and the series featuring Superman and Lois Lane and their sons (Yes, thanks to this reboot, they now have two sons). Also more guest starring on each other’s show, such as a World’s Finest type crossover between Supergirl and Batwoman. We’ll be seeing adventures on Earth 2 this spring with Stargirl. It’s just like listening to The Best Is Yet To Come.

Sadly, there were some CW heroes who couldn’t make it to the cross-over party.

It’s okay, Archie. wasn’t invited either.


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