• LOS ANGELES, June 18 The Two Gay Geeks have been producing podcast inks a new deal with transmedia company Krypton Media Group to become the newest producers of on-air content for SCIFI.radio. Since the inception of their webcast in 2015, The Two Gay Geeks have earned a spot in the sunshine with fans all over the world.

Their premiere on SCIFI.radio is Tuesday, June 19th,  Tuesday at 6 am Eastern / 3 am Pacific / 11 am GMT, and 6 pm / 3 pm Pacific / 11 pm GMT. 

Ben Ragunton and Keith Lane are The Two Gay Geeks behind the TG Geeks Webcast, where their motto is “You name it, We talk about it. ™”.  They cover a wide range of topics within the world of geekdom, including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comics, and even what’s going on at Disneyland on occasion. Their passion for supporting independent creators of all sorts makes them an excellent fit for Krypton Media and SCIFI.radio in specific.

Both men cut their teeth as commentators, writers and sometimes producers in sci-fi podcasting on the now famous Slice of Sci-Fia podcast featured on SCIFI.radio as a weekly broadcast from 2013-2017.

TG Geeks' Keith Lane and Ben Ragunton

TG Geeks’ Keith Lane (left), and Ben Ragunton (right)

Keith Lane is TG Geeks’ sound engineer, producer, commentator, website administrator, and purveyor of puns.
Keith’s abiding love for science fiction, especially Doctor Who, introduced him to Ben and sealed the deal for their relationship 21 years ago. Keith also enjoys opera, photography, and cooking.

Keith brings with him the experience he gained as commentator and occasional script writing and producing credits on Slice of Sci-Fi. He is still an occasional contributor to the Technorama Podcast.

Ben Ragunton comes to TG Geeks as its news host and commentator on a variety of subjects. In 2010 he became co-host of the new podcast Fusion Patrol, then joined Slice of Sci-fi, first as a commentator, then as one of the show hosts. He has since helped start up the No Baggage Attached podcast, as well as TG Geeks with his husband Keith.

Ben has an unquenchable thirst for a variety of geeky things, especially in the area of science fiction and comic books. As he’s fond of saying, Babylon 5 introduced him to his husband, and it was Doctor Who that sealed the deal!

Ben is also a musician and can sometimes be seen singing with various choral groups in the greater Phoenix valley, as well as sometimes performing as a guitarist for a variety of functions. He is also an amateur photographer, and whenever the opportunity allows for it, can be seen with his husband walking around Disneyland.

The Two Gay Geeks airs on SCIFI.radio every Tuesday at 6 am Eastern / 3 am Pacific / 11 am GMT, and 6 pm / 3 pm Pacific / 11 pm GMT.

Welcome to the SCIFI.radio family, fellows! And for you listeners, are you in for a treat. This is the good stuff.



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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