It has come to our attention that legendary voice actor Robert Alexrod, best known for his role as villian Lord Zedd in the Power Rangers franchise is currently suffering complications after back surgery.

Mr. Alexrod is currently working with Mobile Minicker Productions who represent the actor for his many convention appearences. We first became aware of the health issues with the following post on their Facebook page:

Lord Zedd was first introduced to the Power Rangers franchise in Season 2 of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The character was the first American made villian for the franchise which uses a liberal amount of footage from it’s source material, a Japanese TV show called Super Sentai.

Lord Zedd was noted for being one of the scariest villians of the franchise to date, so much so that the production received regular complaints from parents that his character was too scary. One of the scariest things about the character is the fact that his voice is so dark, deep and demonic … which was perhaps a little much for children back in the day!

You can see a clip of the character’s introduction below:

Much of that reaction can be attributed to the excellent voice work of Robert Axelrod himself.

This isn’t the first time he has voiced a character in the show, in fact in Season 1 he was also the voice of one of Rita Repula’s minions Finster.

Over the past few years Mr. Axelrod has been touring the convention circuit and looks like he has had a lot of fun meeting the children (and older children) that he had an influence on over the years.

This writer has been a huge fan of the franchise since he was a child and Lord Zedd has definitely been one of the most impactful and influential villians over the entire franchise … in his humble opinion.

This is why we were saddened to learn today that he has been suffering complications from back surgery. Not much is known at this time as Mr. Axelrod is a very private person. However,  his management team have set up a GoFundMe Campaign on his behalf.

As we all know medical expenses in the USA can mount up very quickly and for somebody that has brought so much joy (and fear) into my life I didn’t hesitate in donating towards the fund.

Please give whatever you can, and we here at wish Mr. Axelrod a speedy recovery!


Mr Vestek

Mr Vestek