Alan Tudyk. Curse you and your sudden but inevitable betrayal. And other Tudyk memes.

Listening to only full time sci-fi radio station on the planet has its advantages.  Here’s a big one: this coming Saturday at 9 pm Pacific, tune in to for The Event Horizon, as your hosts Susan L. Fox and Gene Turnbow welcome one of actors best known to fandom: Mr. Alan Tudyk!

His most recent effort (that’s been released, he’s got some big ones that you haven’t seen yet) is the hilarious 13 episode web series Con Man. Really, you have to see this. It broke crowdfunding records by gaining $1.3 million its first day. It’s a window into what conventions are like from the celebrity’s perspective that will have you laughing and rolling your eyes as you recognize people you’ve seen at conventions – and sometimes, cringingly, people you’ve been. It doesn’t stop there – Spectrum is the show-within-a-show that made Tudyk’s fictional celebrity Wray Nerely a star in the geek world, and there is (rather magnificently) a comic book based on that show. It’s going to be one of the titles for Free Comic Book Day this coming May 7!

Alan is also judging a new fan-fic competition at based on the Con Man series. is a fan-fic web site; the competition began yesterday on Feb 3, with submissions closing March 2. Voting will be running from Feb 3 to March 9.

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Wash, the pilot of the Serenity from Firefly opposite Nathan Fillion, his geek credentials include some pretty amazing roles.  Tudyk played Alpha / Stephen Kepler in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, of course, but he’s also the voice of Duke Weaselton in Disney’s new animated feature Zootopia. He’s also Ludo / King Butterfly in Star vs the Forces of Evil on Cartoon Network, the Duke of Weselton in Frozen, King Candy in Wreck It Ralph, Professor Alistair Krei in Big Hero Six, and Superman in Justice League: War.

He’s also in the critically acclaimed Trumbo as Ian Maclellan Hunter, and has roles in both the upcoming Disney animated feature Moana – and a major but as yet unnamed role in the upcoming Star Wars: Rebel One!

Here are all the showtimes for The Event Horizon for the coming week:

  • Saturday 9 pm PT / 12 AM ET
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Here’s the show as originally broadcast, in its entirety. We tried to get him to talk about his role as K-2SO, but he’s a pro and stuck to his NDA like glue.

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