LOSCON44If you’re in Los Angeles and you’re looking for some fun this weekend, have we got a destination for you. It’s LOSCON, the convention of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society. This year marks the 44th year of the convention, and the schedule lineup is really solid. There are panels on everything from Star Trek to Doctor Who, to making fan films, to writing for comics, film, gaming and books, to just about everything else you can imagine. It’s a relaxing convention, with lots of great content and without the sense of being herded from one location to the next like you get with other conventions.

One thing you’ll want to see while you’re there is The Adventures of Luke Skywalkera revival of an on-stage live radio play, starring (among others) . This is a really fun recreation of Star Wars (Episode IV – A New Hope) done in the style of an Old-Time Radio broadcast of Lux Radio Theater, using voice talent to recreate a cast that would have been appropriate for the 1940s. This amazing show features SCIFI.radio’s Docking Bay 94  regulars Shawn “Obi-Shawn” Crosby, Jeff “Solo” Donoho, and Colleen “Kaylee” Crosby. That’s on Friday night after the Ice Cream Social, and you can get a ticket for just the Ice Cream Social if you want to, for far less than the price of the entire convention.

Good Morning, Tatooine!You’ll also be able to come by the SCIFI.radio exhibitor’s table right there in the convention floor lobby, and we’ll be broadcasting Obi-Shawn Crosby’s Good Morning Tatooine! live from the convention floor.

Guest of Honor and legendary artist Howard Chaykin is going to be hosting a Q&A session.

SCIFI.radio’s executive producer Susan Fox is one of the panelists. She’s also Krypton Media Group’s primary shareholder, making us a woman-owned company. You can hear hear speak on Saturday morning at 10 am at the panel called Changing Image of Disability in Geek Media and Culture.

The station manager is on some panels too, and you can come see what Gene Turnbow has to say, on everything from gaming to sci-fi to the tricky subject of going from being a fan to being a pro at something.

In particular, SCIFI.radio is always looking for writers, film makers, artists and musicians, either to do stuff directly for the station, or to promote (because we all rise together). If you’re trying to get yourself some lucky breaks, come by the panels Gene Turnbow is on, and talk to him. Visit https://www.borcasino.com for more information about this topic and canl? casino siteleri. Maybe he can help you make some.

See you at LOSCON!



SCIFI Radio Staff

SCIFI Radio Staff

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