This new trailer for Season 2, Episode 9 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds just dropped at San Diego Comic-Con, and you are absolutely not going to believe this one. Are you ready for Star Trek: The Musical? It’s the first episode of Star Trek from any series to do this, and Subspace Rhapsody looks amazing.

Season 2 of Strange New Worlds has been dropping hints of its cast members’ musical ability. Celia Rose Gooding’s Uhura teased her vocal prowess during the episode where she sang tones to activate a piece of alien technology. This musical episode will give her the chance to show us all what she can really do.

The original songs for Subspace Rhapsody were composed by Kay Hanley and Tom Polce of rock band Letters to Cleo. Subspace Rhapsody is set to premiere Aug. 3 on Paramount+.

Trailer park

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds feels more like the true spirit of Star Trek than perhaps anything since TNG. In the 60’s, you could make rocks out of plaster of paris, newspaper and chicken wire and people wouldn’t think twice about it. Now we see our episodes in wondrous digital perfection, at a resolution about 27 times greater. You can count the whiskers on Captain Pike’s chin. Everything in Star Trek now has to be done with incredible fidelity, both visually and audibly, because of the new technologies we use today.

That only serves to make Star Trek even more amazing and immersive. All the creatives who work on the shows now get to produce masterworks, which we get to see as they release each week. We are in a golden age of Star Trek.

The spirit of that golden age practically sings to us. And, with this new episode, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will do so literally. The Enterprise is transported to a dimension of light, and dance, and music and song. We will get to see all the on-screen talent — and the choreographers and composers and everyone else — stretch their wings and soar.

From the trailer:

Do you know the odds of all of us being here at this time? It’s improbable, and yet, here we are…

– Nyota Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding)

To be an entertainer in Hollywood is to have many, many talents that you may never get to use. We will get to see them in this new episode, on full display, and the spirit of this newest series, and Star Trek itself, will soar right along with them. And so will our hearts as we watch.

Two weeks cannot pass fast enough.


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