Director Zack Snyder must regrettably report that film director Zack Snyder has exited production on the Justice League movie, following the tragic suicide of his daughter, Autumn Snyder, who was 20. His wife, producer Deborah Snyder, is also exiting Justice League.

Autumn is Zack Snyder’s daughter from a previous marriage. He and Deborah also have seven other children and step-children, that they understandably want to focus on following this tragedy. The Snyder family said that Autumn wrote a science fiction book, which they might release in the future, with the proceeds going to charity.

Zack Snyder told the press that he wanted to keep this a private matter, but realized that he needed to take a break for his family. Production was secretly shut down on Justice League for two weeks following the tragic death of Autumn. Warner Brothers even reportedly offered to delay the release of Justice League, but Snyder turned that down. They also revealed that he is more than welcome to return in the future to work on more creative projects.

So, even though production is mostly wrapped on Justice League, scheduled reshoots are going to directed by Joss Whedon. Whedon is best known for directing the first two Avengers movies for Marvel Studios, and will eventually direct a Batgirl solo film. Whedon will also oversee the post-production.

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the Snyder family in this difficult time.



Nick Corbin

Nick Corbin

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