in Agent Elvis, Elvis Presley trades in his jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is covertly inducted into a secret government spy program to battle the dark forces that threaten the country he loves – all while holding down his day job as the King Of Rock And Roll.

So in other words, it’s like Elvis, but with blackjack and hookers. Seriously, this trailer is not for kids, and NSFW. You have been warned.

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We commented on this back in August of 2019 that Netflix had ordered a pilot for a new animated series about Elvis Presley, then called “Agent King”. It was an amusingly bizarre idea then, but the title sucked. Fortunately they fixed that problem.

His widow Priscilla Presley is the curator of the Presley brand and estate, and she’s not only one of the co-creators of the new series with John Eddie (yes, series, it’s not a one-shot film), she also features in the series as one of the voices, playing herself.

The cast is almost a list of who’s who in genre film, including Matthew McConaughey as Elvis (we saw him previously in Sing and Sing 2 as an entreprenuerial koala bea), along with Kaitlin Olson, Christina Hendricks, Kieran Culkin, Gary Cole, Simon Pegg, Fred Armison, Niecy Nash, Tara Strong, Don Cheadle, and a host of others.

Be prepared, this is a cartoon, all right, but it’s full of adult language and themes, including a fair bit of violence, smoking, and a chimpanzee making snow angels in an unbelievable amount of cocaine.

“You boys stay with the car, and that means no buying coked up hookers, he said really clearly this time.

Elvis was always a fan of comic books, especially Captain Marvel Jr., which is where many of the design elements of his famous jumpsuit with its demi-cape came from. He also famously went to the White House to meet then President Nixon with a gun on him, and the whole situation ended up with the singer getting a badge from the federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

The series begins streaming on Netflix on March 17, 2023.


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