When we saw this, we were on it like stink on a tauntaun so that we could get it to you first thing this morning.

We have now come full circle, as Bad Lip Reading, the reclusive filmmakers and musicians who brought us Seagulls! Stop It Now and Medieval Land Fun-Time World have attracted the attention of none other than Mark Hamill, who voices Han Solo. In this stupidly funny send-up, Han struggles with a language barrier. (You’ll probably want to pause the SCIFI.radio stream while you watch this.)

This isn’t actually the first time Hamill has voiced Han Solo – he first did it for episodes of Robot Chicken. The voice of Rey was supplied by Jessica DiCicco, a voice actress for animation and cartoons, perhaps best known as the Fire Princess in Adventure Time.


The above video has been blanked from YouTube, thanks to a bogus DMCA takedown request from Dramatists Play Service, an organization based in New York that publishes and licenses plays from upcoming and established writers. Late last night, the team at Dramatists Play Service tweeted that they were aware a copyright claim had been made on their account, but confirmed it wasn’t their doing. They added they were looking into ways to reverse the claim and were in contact with YouTube to figure out what exactly happened.

We think we know what happened, either they or Google have a hyperactive bot that tagged it according to a bogus algorithm, or they flagged it themselves and aren’t owning up to it. Either way, right now SCIFI.radio is one of the few places you can see this. We expect they’ll get the snafu untaggled in the next day or so, but in the meantime, we have it here.


First episode of Bad Lip Reading is here: https://youtu.be/SrEqrD_qEzQ
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