Hard to get enough NCuti Gatwa as the new, flamboyant, energetic Doctor. He’s the fifteenth actor to play the role, and the energy he brings will hit you like a wall. Watch.

We also know the names of the first six episodes in what the BBC is calling Season One in their continuation/reboot of the beloved series:

  • Space Babies — written by Russel T. Davies
  • The Devi’s Chord — written by Russel T. Davies
  • BOOM — written by Steven Moffat
  • 73 Yards — written by Russel T. Davies
  • Dot and Bubble — written by Russel T. Davies
  • Rogue — written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman
  • The Legend of Ruby Sunday — written by Russel T. Davies
  • The Empire of Death — written by Russel T. Davies

It is markedly unusual for a show runner to pen so many scripts in the season of any television series. Davies, however, has proven by past demonstration that he knows what he’s doing. The BBC, and now Disney, obviously trust him with it.

The first of Season One of Doctor Who will make its two episode debut at Midnight on May 11, 2024. New episodes will be released weekly thereafter.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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