There are Star Wars fan films almost beyond counting, ranging from the happy play of children to some very serious attempts at cinema. It is rare that one rises to the level of being art, and today’s offering crosses into that dangerous and ephemeral land where few fear to tread. Witness now an extraordinary piece of film making in its own right. It is the fan film Star Wars Legends: Legacy of the Force, created by a Director Danny James and writer/producer Tye Nelson, and a very, very talented team of actors, lighters, costumers, writers and cinematographers. Note the very specific use of the word “cinematographer” there – this is not a bunch of people in fun costumes playing Star Wars in front of a GoPro. This is art.

Adapted from the Star Wars novel Invincible by Troy Denning, Legacy of the Force takes you into the last moments of the final conflict between the children of Han and Leia. Jaina Solo must confront her brother Jacen, now calling himself Darth Caedus, in order to put an end to his reign and restore peace to the galaxy.

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The film is about 20 minutes in length, but Nelson and James and their production team were wise in creating a short subject rather than exhausting their creative and practical resources on a longer work. The story and the acting are so good that the high quality of the visual effects and scenic design uplift the whole work. The music was not just lifted from Star Wars feature films, but was written especially for the film by Seth Neuffer. There were teams of prop and set designers and builders, and the attention to detail in recreating the Star Wars cinematic experience is exquisite. This is, by far, one of the best Star Wars fan films we have ever – ever – seen.


Screenplay: Tye Nelson
Director: Danny James
Executive Producer: Tye Nelson
Producers: Andrew G. James, Danny James, Matt Tucker
Co-Producer: Mark Weiler
Starring: Jaci Twiss, Tye Nelson, Julia Faye Sanders, Thomas J. Post, and featuring Shawn Gordon, Elizabeth Hales, Brady Hales
Director of Photography: Andrew G. James
Music: Seth Neuffer




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