shane-plays-header-960x150-v2This weekend at 1 pm Central / 11 am Pacific, we’re asking you not to listen to SCIFI.radio.

We know, weird, right? But there’s a method to our madness.

Instead, tune in to 96.5 FM The Answer, 1 because Shane Stacks invites fan favorite geek DJ Willow Leafstorm to his weekly talk show, Shane Plays – immediately followed by a second special guest, SCIFI.radio station manager Gene Turnbow! It’ll be an hour of unbridled, unrepentant geekitude as Shane leads us through the wilds of fandom.

geneTurnbowOnShanePlaysAnd now for the other half of today’s announcement: Shane Plays is coming to SCIFI.radio! At first it will be a week delayed, until we can get the technology set up that will allow us to simulcast this great live show Shane does on this terrestrial station located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

After the show, come back to SCIFI.radio and enjoy the great geekie music, talk shows and adventure serials. After all – SCIFI.radio is the heart of science fiction on the radio, and if you’re a sci-fi or fantasy fan, we’re the soundtrack to your life.

SCIFI.radio is Sci-Fi for your Wifi.

1 SCIFI.radio nor its employees necessarily endorse the political views promoted by 96.5 FM The Answer, nor  the views presented on any other platform for political speech.


SCIFI.radio is listener supported sci-fi geek culture radio, and operates almost exclusively via the generous contributions of our fans via our Patreon campaign. If you like, you can also use our tip jar and send us a little something to help support the many fine creatives that make this station possible.

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