Killing Annabella is an independent animated fantasy project by Aman Bhanot. It tells the tale of a girl cursed with a destiny that seems inescapable. She seems doomed to die at the hands of a madman, without justification or reason.

Aman started his journey as an animator eight years ago. Self-taught as an animator, he has worked in feature films in Mexico and Singapore.

Aman began with the idea of shooting reference footage for every single scene. In five days he and his actors shot 360 usable takes, which was great – but then Aman realized to his dismay that it was going to take two man-years to convert all that to animation. Rather than stop there, Aman got busy.

He put his script through 26 drafts before he was happy with the results. He did all his own production design, all his own storyboarding, and with a small team of other creatives, some of the scenes are already finished. With over $35 thousand invested in his personal project so far, he now turns to IndieGogo to see if he can raise the rest of what he needs to finish this very much hand made film.

While Killing Annabella is a dark fantasy drama, Aman’s story is a hero story. He’s facing impossible odds, yet he’s forging ahead.

You may have to watch the video a couple of times to get what Aman is saying, unfortunately. He speaks Hindi as his first language. The volume of work he’s done so far speaks for itself, however, and we believe this is a project that should see the light of day, and deserves your support.

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