Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2 is finally here, so Dan Bull has released a new FNAF: Security Breach song, “You Thought You Were Alone”.

In this one, Freddy is reborn as a glam rocker, and your protector. Just climb into his tummy and he’ll protect you. Do you trust him?

Dan Bull is a British gamer, rapper and vlogger, and has been creating amazing songs on YouTube for an amazing 17 years, and has a nice selection of his more recent music in our on-air playlist. After that many years doing these, his production values have gone up to the point where he frankly has almost no peers. The visuals for this video are sumptuous, the animation clean and stylish.

If you want to support Dan Bull as he makes these wonderful songs and music videos, there’s a Patreon campaign you should know about.

We hope you enjoy this new one from Dan Bull. Naturally, it’s going right up on the station, and you can now hear it as part of our regular daily playlist.


SCIFI Radio Staff
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