John and Bjo Trimble

Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek made its debut on NBC in 1966, and has had a profound affect on our culture and technological development ever since – but the legacy of this bold look to the future of humanity almost didn’t happen.

This is our 100th episode of The Event Horizon, so we wanted it to be something special. This Saturday at 9 pm Pacific/ 12 am Eastern, meet the couple who launched the mailing campaign that saved Star Trek, and changed the world: John and Bjo Trimble. In 1967, when John & Bjo became aware that there wasn’t going to be a third season of Star Trek, they took matters into their own hands and began the biggest write-in campaign that the world of television had ever seen. Without that crucial third season, Star Trek wouldn’t have made it into syndication, and it would be all but unknown today.

Star Trek has been since translated into 26 languages and at any given moment is being broadcast somewhere in the world. It celebrates its 50th anniversary next year.

No two fans have ever had a more profound effect on the world of science fiction, and the affect they have had on our modern world and the world yet to come is incalculable.

Your hosts for this special 100th edition of The Event Horizon are Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow.

If you miss the show on Saturday evening, join us again on Sunday at 4 pm for a reprise of this landmark radio broadcast, the first time the Trimbles have ever appeared on sci-fi radio.

The Event Horizon – it’s Sci-Fi for your Wifi.

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If you missed the show, here is our record 100th episode with the remarkable couple, John and Bjo Trimble.

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