The Nice and Accurate Parody of Good Omens by The Hillywood Show® is finally, upon us! The Antichrist is coming, which means Aziraphale, an Angel, and Crowley, a Demon, must find a way to end Armageddon.

The Hillywood Show® brings you a glorious parody, filled with ineffable surprises! Can we get a wahoo? Featuring fan favorite moments, screen accurate costume/sets and surprise cameos (Neil Gaiman, Daniel Mays, Maggie Service and even, the screen-used Bentley from S1), this parody, based on the best-selling novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, brings about the excitement of Amazon Prime Video’s #GOODOMENS SEASON 2!

The song selected for this parody is Billie Eilish’s 2019 hit, When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The scene setting is a lovingly epic mimicry of the Billie Eilish video, angle by angle, shot by shot, right down to the flames burning the tar off the wings of the fallen angel to reveal the demon’s wings underneath, right down to the gestural flicks of the wings to put the fire out. The attention to detail is amazing, and thanks to the incredible budgets they’ve been able to put together via their Patreon campaign, and the direct approval and participation of Neil Gaiman himself, the results are nothing short of astonishing.

View in 1080p or full 4K HD for the full #GoodOmensParody, heavenly, experience! Enjoy and God bless.

Good Omens Parody is not a paid advertisement for Amazon Prime Video. The Hillywood Show® is fan funded on

Good Omens Season 2 makes its debut on Amazon Prime on July 28, 2023.

Hungry for More?

Watch the Behind the Scenes video for the making of Hillywood’s Good Omens Parody, and Crowley’s Diary.

The Hillywood Show® is the brainchild of Hilly and Hannah Hindi, who have been creating parodies of our favorite shows for 9 years (to put this in perspective, has only been around for about six years.) They live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their productions are fueled by a combination of advertising funds they get from YouTube and over 150 million views of their videos, and their Patreon campaign which currently provides a bit over $8K a month.

The Hillywood productions are elaborate, and the complexity of each one rivals that of professional studio location shoots. The list of production expenses looks like a Hollywood producer’s budget sheet – and they always involve great worthy geeky music. In particular, this Good Omens hits all the bases.

Each parody Hilly and Hannah do comes of deep knowledge of their subject material, and that kind of love and attention to detail makes it all that much more fun.


Gene Turnbow
Gene Turnbow

President of Krypton Media Group, Inc., radio personality and station manager of Part writer, part animator, part musician, part illustrator, part programmer, part entrepreneur – all geek.