Imagine you’re a hobbit, and that you’re off on a grand adventure. Now imagine you can’t get that Taylor Swift song out of your head. What’s a hobbit to do? The Library Bards have the answer. Featuring Bonnie Gordon as a bubbly, over-eager hobbit, this parody of Swift’s Shake It Off is a fun leap into Lord of the Rings fan music that will get your blood moving.

Watch for goblins grooving to the rhythm, familiar characters from Lord of the Rings, and even an appearance by Smaug the Dragon. Be sure to pause the radio stream using the handy controller at the upper right while you enjoy today’s offering:

The Library Bards are professional performers and hardcore fans. Bonnie Gordon has appeared in ABC Television’s The Quest as one of the contestants. Xander Jeanneret was a player on TBS’s King of the Nerds. The music was arranged by  Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman. Many of the others appearing in the video are part of other geeky production teams, including the table-top gaming web series Under the Table, and cast members of the Los Angeles production team who produce the theatrical LARP experience  Dungeon Master.

We love the Library Bards, and we hope to see more from them!



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The Library Bards are the newest nerd parody group featuring Bonnie Gordon (ABC’s The Quest), Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds), and renowned composer Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman.

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Full Credits

Library Bards
Bonnie Gordon
Xander Jeanneret
Jake Kaufman

Bryan Forrest
Carolyn Feres
Victoria Ortiz
DW McCann
Benjamin Patrick Thomas

Erika Ishii
Melissa Smith
Jonaya Kemper
Courtney Kraft
Amy Kooiman
Bennett Cousins

Kelly Boardman
Kevin Becker
Benjamin Patrick Thomas
Chuck Lines
Molly McIsaac

Goblins Puppeted By
Benjamin Patrick Thomas
Cary Kingdom
Noxweiler Berf
Kevin Becker

Director of Photography
Kevin ‘Ziggy’ Zeigler

Maya Star

Fight Choreography
Bryan Forrest

Anne Valliant

Brehon Humphrey
Samantha Mason

Vocals Recorded & Mixed by
Reston Williams
(Secondary Inspection)

Gollum Rap Written by
Francis Menotti

Special Thanks To
ZFO Entertainment
Larger Than Life Cosplay
Iron Relic Entertainment
Under The Table
Goblins of Greenbush
Sypher Arts Studio
Labyrinth Masquerade
Shawn Strider
The Sword and the Stone
Tony Swatton
Johnny Bias Adventure Gear
Dungeon Master LA
Court Five Productions

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