Yesterday’s post was a great tease, but wait till you see this.  This put all the fears of the fans to rest.  The Flash is everything we’re hoping it will be.

The origin story involves an explosion at a particle accelerator in Central City.  It opens a rift between dimensions, bringing over all manner of unobtainium style phenomena, including the lightning bolt that zaps Barry Allen in his laboratory.  The new show is rich and lush in its interpretation, and doesn’t dance around the question like Smallville and Arrow did on their debuts.  We get straight to the punchline.

The production values and effects look amazing, and the acting looks very solid.  We expect big things from The Flash. 

The new show is currently in production, and airs this fall on the CW network. It stars Grant Gustin in the title role. An exact air date of the pilot episode has not been announced, but the show will air Tuesdays at 8PM.

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