After watching Florence Kasumba play Senator Acantha in the newly released Wonder Woman movie, and realizing she was the same actress who played Security Chief Ayo in Captain America: Civil War, the question arose:  How many actors have been in both the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? isn’t the first to ask the question.  There are several articles about which actors have been in both DC and Marvel movies.  However, not all DC movies are DCEU movies and not all Marvel movies are MCU movies.  This makes the calculations a little more tricky.  So far, only five actors have appeared in the DCEU and the MCU.

EMERALD CITY -- "The Beast Forever" Episode 101-- Pictured: Florence Kasumba as Wicked Witch of the East -- (Photo by: Rico Torres/NBC)

Florence Kasumba as Wicked Witch of the East in EMERALD CITY [Photo by Rico Torres/NBC]

Florence Kasumba:  She played Senator Acantha in Wonder Woman, and also played T’Challa’s security chief Ayo in Captain America: Civil War.  She’ll be reprising the role of Ayo in Black Panther, due to be released February 16, 2018. The Ugandan-born actress also played the Wicked Witch of the East in the TV mini-series Emerald City, Talmah, one of the three Fates on the fantasy-reality show The Quest, and appeared in the Syfy Channel show Dominion as Daria.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje played Killer Croc in SUICIDE SQUAD.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc [photo by Clay Enos/Warner Bros.]

He was Killer Croc in the DCEU and Kurse in the MCU, but in POMPEII he played the gladiator Atticus.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Atticus in POMPEII [image via TriStar Pictures]

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje: He may not be recognizable under his make-up, but he was Killer Croc in Suicide Squad and Kurse in Thor: The Dark World.  He has also played Mr. Eko on Lost, Lock-Nah in The Mummy Returns, and Malko in Game of Thrones.

Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer played Lara Lor-Van, Superman's mother in MAN OF STEEL.

Russell Crowe and Ayelet Zurer as Jor-El and Lara with baby Kal-El [photo by Clay Enos/Warner Bros.]

Ayelet Zurer: She played Lara Lor-Van, mother of Kal-El and wife of Jor-El, in Man of Steel.  In the Daredevil TV show, she plays Vanessa, the love interest of villain Wilson Fisk. She played Colonel Mehaffey in the web-series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. Zurer has made several movies, but is best known for her work on Israeli television.

Callan Mulvey:  He played Jack Rollins, a SHIELD agent secretly working for Hydra, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he played Anatoli Knyazev, who in this incarnation is a mercenary rather than the Russian agent KGBeast.  He will be appearing in the horror film Delirium and the science fiction film Bleeding Steel, both due to be released later this year.

Scoot McNairy:  He played Wallace Keefe, an employee of Wayne Enterprises, in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  He starred in the MCU one-shot, All Hail the King, as a member of the Ten Rings gang, posing as a documentary filmmaker to interview Trevor Slattery.  He was Andrew Kaulder in Monsters, as well as Augie in the Disney reboot Herbie: Fully Loaded.

Other actors have been in DC and Marvel movies and TV shows (Ben Affleck as Batman and Daredevil, Halle Berry as Catwoman and Storm, Rila Fukushima as Katana and Yukio), but in each case, either only one of those movies or TV shows were considered officially part of the DCEU and MCU, or neither of them were.

One thing each of these actors has in common is that they’re all truly talented individuals. That’s probably why you keep seeing their faces.  One thing is certain: the best is yet to come.



Susan Macdonald

Susan Macdonald

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