Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett brought us the impossibly wonderful Good Omens in 2019, and it was so popular that they’re doing it again. Here is the trailer for Season 2 of Good Omens.

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Last month, Amazon confirmed that, after a lengthy hiatus, Good Omens was coming back for a second season on Prime Video — and now, we have our very first look. The new season once again stars Michael Sheen and David Tennant as unlikely (and unholy) buddies, and this time around, they have to deal with the sudden disappearance of archangel Gabriel (Jon Hamm).

The initial season of the show was about the rise of the Anti-Christ, who turned out to be just a nice little kid who wanted nothing to do with his deadbeat father’s gifts. The new season is a missing persons story — and the missing person is the Archangel Gabriel himself, who is hiding out from the officers of Heaven in Aziraphale’s book shop until Aziraphale and Crowley can figure out what kind of danger he’s in and what to do about it.

Gaiman is involved again as executive producer and co-showrunner, working alongside Douglas Mackinnon, who is directing all of the new episodes. In addition to getting into the story, the season 2 trailer also introduces some of the new cast, including Liz Carr (playing the angel Saraqael), Shelley Conn (as the demon Beelzebub), and Quelin Sepulveda (as angel Muriel and also a very human police officer).

Season 2 of Good Omens will span six episodes, all of which will start streaming on July 28th.


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