Steampunk 2The clockwork community has joined together, wound this time by key figure Evelyn Kriete, for a second Groupees Steampunk bundle fundraiser. Last year, the group raised $12,321, and they’ve already surpassed that total this year. At the time of this writing, the total for Steampunk 2 is just short of $17,000 USD, which will be donated to Direct Relief International, a charity which provides disaster relief, disease prevention and treatment, maternity and child health care, and other support services in the U.S and throughout the world, “without regard to politics, religion, gender, race, or ability to pay.”

If you’re not familiar with the humble bundle concept, it’s “pay what you can” ($1 minimum) to purchase the bundle. This year’s bundle includes 22 digital products, including games, music, comics, and e-books, all donated by their creators for the fundraiser. If the fundraising total surpasses $18,000 (which seems quite likely!), purchasers will also get a digital copy of the feature-length, award-winning film, Dimensions: A Line, a Loop, a tangle of Threads, directed by Sloane U’ren.

 What’s in the Bundle?


  • Bionic Dues, Arcen Games
  • Airship Dragoon, Steve Yorkshire
  • Syberia I & II, Meridian 4
  • Steel & Steam, Red Meat Games
  • Telepath RPG: Servants of God, Sinister Design

E-books & Comics:

  • Tales of Jack the Ripper, Ross Lockhart, ed.
  • 19XX Book One: Rise of the Black Faun, Paul Roman Martinez
  • Cities of Ether, G.D. Falksen
  • Steampunk, GrayHaven Comics
  • Wildside Press Megapack 1 & 2
  • Blood of the Innocent 1-4, Rickey Shanklin & Mark Wheatley
  • Discovering Aberration, S.C. Barrus


  • Johnny Hollow Collection (10 songs)
  • Sxip Shirey-Sonic New York (15 songs)
  • Spiky-Carnival Symposium (10 songs)
  • This Way to the Egress-Caged Bird EP (3 songs)
  • Sunday Driver-Dred Night (unreleased song)

Purchasing fundraiser bundles is a great way to discover new things and help a good cause. The Groupees Steampunk 2 fundraiser runs through midnight PST on February 27, 2014.




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