Luke BanderloftThis is episode 1 of a new web series, Luke Banderloft & The McFarven Pirates, which is based on Rocky Perry’s fantasy book series of the same title. It’s the tale of Luke, a winged, silver-skinned elf (well, actually he’s a Twilerian, which looks an awful lot like an elf), who finds himself down on his luck and in bad company in a bad neighborhood. After … um … procuring a ship, Luke and his crew hit the high seas. Soon, though, they’ve got to deal with the pirate lord from whom the ship was … procured.

There are epic battles with brigands, pirates, trolls, and treachery, and lost friends to find; adventure ensues. If you’ve read the books, it’s a pretty cool portrayal, and if you haven’t read them, the series may entice you!

The first season of the web series is still in production, and its Kickstarter runs until March 1, 2014. 



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