Miley Cirus may have given one of her greater contributions  by popularizing “the twerk”.  Today’s video of the day demonstrates what happens when Imperial stormtroopers do it.

Also included here is the “making of” video, which is in some ways more fascinating than the dance video itself.  It takes an incredible number of very talented people to create something of any quality, and we get to see the nuts and bolts of what a production like this is like.  Two cameras were used, a Red Scarlett and a Red Epic, and one of these was mounted on a Steadicam camera stabilizing rig. In its essence, it puts the camera on the end of a shock absorbing arm that makes the camera operator almost more machine than man.

Not everything you hear in the “making of” video is actually true, no, we don’t think one of the costumers actually worked on the first Star Trek movie. We think he was pulling our leg there.

The song is Beat Calls, by the way, written by Scott and Brendo.  You can get it on iTunes and Amazon.


Choreography by Jason Celaya

Created & Directed by Scott Winn
Produced by Scott Winn & Brenden Bytheway

Cinematography by Derek Pueblo

Cam ops: Derek Pueblo, Aaron Sorenson, Scott Winn

Edited by Scott Winn & Derek Pueblo

VFX by Aaron Sorenson

Darth Vader Voice by Riley Workman
voicevader [at]

Color Correction by Russell Lasson, Universal Post

Sound Design by Brenden Bytheway

Darth Vader: Brandon Cummings
Dancers: Jason Celaya, De’Von McCullough, Jason Pickett, Landon Anderson, Marcquet Hill

Shot on the Red Epic & Red Scarlett (4K) + Canon 16-25, 24-105, 70-200

– 30 –

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