A Potentially Wonderful New Interpretation of Batman is Silenced

By Staff Editor P.K.


1989 Comic Cover

Do you remember Steampunk Batman? Not everyone may, but back in 1989 Gotham by Gaslight was produced by DC Comics, in what would become known as the first of the Elsewords stories. Batman was taken out of his normal environment and set in the Victorian Era which is normally associated with the alternate history of Steampunk stories, where gears and steam powered inventions rule supreme. In a truly innovative story-line (as far as Batman goes), Bruce Wayne is framed and convicted for the murders associated with Jack the Ripper. Fast forward to modern day, and the one time Steampunk Batman comic is being considered for development as a full fledged video game.

Originally set to be made by Day 1 Studios and Warner Bros, word has come down from the artist who had been hired to develop some artwork to show what the game might look like; that the game has in fact been cancelled before it even got out of the pitch stage. For those of us who love Batman and the world of Steampunk, this is a true disappointment.

Graphic artist Julie A. Farrell, announced via her blog and twitter, that the concept art which she had developed for the game, had been rejected and that as far she knew, the game itself had been flagged as a no-go. She later updated to say that the studio along with Warner Bros. had asked her to take down the art, despite a previous agreement she could use it in her portfolio. Way to be a buzz-kill Warner Bros.

Fortunately, the artwork has survived on the net, and as shown below Ms. Farrell has through her work brought to life an amazing 3D look into the world of Gotham by Gaslight.

We can only hope, or better yet, if you feel strongly enough about wanting to have a Gotham by Gaslight game; contact the studio and demand they take a serious look at developing this into a full game.


SCIFI Radio Staff

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