Quark Time Webcomic Volume 1 Released in Print

Philadelphia, June 23, 2011:  Just short of its one-year anniversary, the webcomic Jenny Everywhere’s Infinite: Quark Time announces the release of Volume 1, Weak Interaction, in print form.  Comprising the first 28 weeks of the webcomic’s run, the paper edition is available to the general public online via the print-on-demand outlet  Comic shops can place orders via online distributor

Jenny Everywhere is an open-source superhero that anyone may use in their own works.  August 13th of this year commemorates the tenth birthday of the heroine, who has appeared in hundreds of creations from short stories to comics to short films. “Jenny is a unique character,” says Gwen Patton, creator of Quark Time, “The basic character belongs to everyone, anyone can branch her off in whatever direction they want, but what they create belongs to them.”

While the comic is available for free online, some people prefer to read it in a large chunk in a comic book form.  “For some people, it’s a nostalgia thing,” says Patton, “For some, it’s a matter of convenience.  But some people just like the feel of a paper comic book in their hands.”  The Quark Time webcomic updates Sundays at

Gwendolyn Patton
Revolution Earth Press
Online: Quark Time
In print: Indy Planet Store

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