The fastest filker on Earth, Tom Smith (FilkerTom)

The fastest filker on Earth, Tom Smith (FilkerTom)

Nobody filks faster than Tom Smith, the fastest filker on Earth!  Now you can hear not just his music, but the man himself on this evening’s episode of The Event Horizon.

Tom Smith writes everything from pop to operetta, from folk to hip-hop.  His reputation as the world’s fastest filkers comes from numerous instances of “instafilk”, i.e., quickly-written or improvised songs. He has improvised entire concert sets, and his album Badgers and Gophers and Squirrels Oh My: The 24-Hour Project, inspired by Scott McCloud’s 24-Hour Comics Day, features seventeen songs written in twenty-four hours. In May 2006, he released the album The Last Hero On Earth, a comic opera which has twenty songs, all written in one day.

The amazing thing about Tom Smith isn’t how fast he writes, though – it’s that despite the speed at which he works, what he writes is really really good.  He wrote the iconic Talk Like A Pirate Day, the song that has become the anthem of the famous geek holiday.  He also wrote The Last Hero On Earth, a complete comic book operetta

Join us this evening at 9 PM Pacific, 12AM Eastern as we talk music, fandom and filking.   This is one you don’t want to miss.

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