By:  Susan L. Fox, executive producer, The Event Horizon

Author, editor and Futurian Frederik Pohl has passed away on September 2, 2013, at the age of 93.  Confirmed by his granddaughter, Emily Pohl-Weary on Twitter:  “Rest in peace to my beloved grandfather Frederik Pohl, who showed me by example how to be an author.  1919-2013.”

That link takes you to his web site and biography, saying it all better than we could.  Also, check out The Way The Future Blogs,  which he had been updating as recently as two days ago with a post about LoneStarCon 3.  93 year old blogger, folks.  Admittedly, he’d been waiting for the Internet for decades, hadn’t he?

Pohl’s career was incubated in the now-famous Futurians group in New York from the 1930’s, from which so many science fiction writers of his generation sprang.  Best known for ad industry sendup THE SPACE MERCHANTS and the Heechee Cycle, beginning with GATEWAY, Pohl also shaped the future of science fiction through his work as a book editor, championing such ground breaking writers as Samuel R. Delany and Joanna Russ.

Thank you for the ride through the Gateway and beyond.  May your journey thrive.

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Susan L. Fox

Susan L. Fox