Voyage Trekkers is a comedy web series about the worst starship crew in the Galactic Union.  Lead by the charismatic but self-centered Captain Sunstrike (Adam Rini), with the help of the unfazed first officer Commander Powell (Logan Blackwell), and the exasperated Doctor Rena (Gabrielle Van Buren), they seek to climb their way up the space adventure ladder.

Created by Nathan Blackwell and Craig Michael Curtis, the show is produced by their production company Squishy Studios and Executive Producer Tray Goodman’s Goodman Creative Minds Media.  Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Season One began production in December 2010 and premiered in July of 2011.  Season Two started production in February 2012, but was spread throughout the year as they tackled the ambitious undertaking of building a physical bridge set for the crew.  Season Two will premiere with weekly episodes starting in May 2013.

From Writer / Director Nathan Blackwell:

“The show is truly a labor of love and it’s our comedic love letter to the sci-fi genre.  It never escapes us how great it is that we’re grown adults running around in space outfits with ray guns, fighting people with lizard masks. The project was born out of the desire to make something that was good and silly fun.”

“There was no ambitious master plan.  It was just supposed to be a single weekend with however many episodes we could finish in that time and that would be it.  But because we had such a good time, with people we loved to worked with, the project took off with a life of it’s own.”

“We’re so incredibly thankful to everyone who have helped us along the way and volunteered their time and energy to bringing this show to life.”

“We hope you enjoy watching the show as much we enjoyed making it!”


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