The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) and Charlie (India Fisher) land in the titular Hall of the Ten Thousand, a monument and gallery piece celebrating those who fell in a massive but short lived war. They soon find there is more to this powerful exhibit and the reason the War ended as they travel to the past to meet the artist.

India Fisher also serves as narrator to this engaging and well writen story by Jaine Fenn. I’m always amazed by how they cover so much ground in these short trips, this one coming in at a tight 38 minutes. The setting of an art gallery that we first come to at night in torchlight, with statues in shadows, is the perfect start to a Doctor Who story. The fact the Doctor takes Charlie there in hope is just begging things to disappoint him, but for the 8th Doctor this is where he shines in finding the positive and making things right.

This story reveals itself in parts keeping you invested all the way, with as always amazing direction from Lisa Bowerman. It speaks of war, hope and the misguided things people can do when they are trying to do the right thing.

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Doctor Squee
Doctor Squee