JLU Exposes Details on Woodbury Return to Second Life: Leader’s Alts Banned

Twice banned en masse by Linden Lab, refugees of the now-illegal Woodbury University group are reappearing in Second Life, using new new sims.  The regions Red Square and Revolution went online on or about December 21, 2010.  The Woodbury University / Wrong Hands cyber-gang, best known for hacking into the Modular Systems’ CDS database and stealing and redistributing the League’s private wiki (“Wrong Hands” ringleader known in-world as “Robble Rubble” once described the action to Carl Linden as “the wiki heist” ) has returned to their Soviet-style imagery, complete with red stars and hammer-and-sickle flags.  An interview by Vaneesa Blaylock with Tizzers Foxchase alt “Pepper Zero” showed photos of the sim.  These photos, in combination with data acquired from cooperative inside sources at Woodbury helped confirm Pepper’s identity.

Tizzers’ alt lasted just long enough to make an appearance at the Alphaville Herald’s Post 6 party on January 9 in a region called Idia.  The avatar, however, did not last long enough to leave the party under its own power.  Another Foxchase alt, Sub Zero, was cross-referenced, confirmed, and has now been removed from the grid just this morning.

The new Woodbury estate management  group is a recycled one.  Atlas Inc, founded by Atlas Saintlouis, was formerly used to control access to the Rancor region – our readers may recall that this region between the time Linden Lab destroyed the Woodbury estate and the time all its group managers and owners were mass permabanned from Second Life for violations of the Linden Lab Terms of Service too numerous to count. The Rancor connection confirms the suspected ties between the Nicholas Mafia in Second Life and the Woodbury cybergang.

Other members of this group are (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Admiral Polandia
  • Nadia Topaz (now banned)
  • Overbrain Unplugged (a.k.a. Intlibber Brautigan, now banned)
  • Atlas Saintlouis – the group’s founder, aka Atlas Vendetta, Atlas Straaf (all banned)
  • Rachel Breaker
  • Pixeleen Mistral (this is Mark P. McCahill in real life – what one of the founding fathers of the Internet wants with a bunch of teen and post-teen internet trolls less than half his age remains one of the greater questions in the Woodbury fiasco)
  • Charity Nexen (now banned)
  • Shifty Centaur
  • Toast Steampunk (also of another group called Troll Manual)(now banned)
  • Codizzo Resident
  • Huns Valen (now banned)
  • Atheron Alter (a FurNation admin)

Another group of interest appears to be the new Woodbury visitors group, called Soviet Commuter College, and the letters SCC currently appeared for a short time written in prims on the grid map of the Revolution region before both regions were blacked out with megaprims. This group, created in 2010, was associated with the previous installation of Woodbury University. Some of its members at the time of this writing are:

  • Korpov Resident (now banned)
  • Code Slacker (now banned)
  • Codizzo Resident
  • Mentally Unplugged
  • Mullet Resident (now banned)
  • Dioh Composer (now banned)
  • Narika Niosaki
  • Atlas Saintlouis (now banned)
  • Camov Kalinakov (now banned)
  • Theta Darkward
  • Valeriya Pinelli (now banned)
  • Vivid Static (now banned)
  • HogLogs Longspring (now banned)
  • TerriSchiavo Unplugged (now banned)
  • Charity Nexen (now banned)
  • Xyz Wyx (now banned)
  • SovietCommuterCollege Resident – Banned as of 2011-01-10 simply for founding the group
  • Zax Zero
  • Overbrain Unplugged (now banned)
  • Pixeleen Mistral (Mark P. McCahill, professor of Duke University)
  • Vendivar Vectoscope
  • Shifty Centaur
A number of the other members of this group were deleted by Linden Lab this evening.  Why both IntLibber and Pixeleen Mistral are also members of these two management groups for the Woodbury regions is, for the moment, a mystery, but both could have possible motives for bankrolling Jordan Bellino (Tizzers Foxchase) in the effort.  Note that a number of people are in both groups:
  • Atlas Saintlouis (now banned)
  • Charity Nexen (now banned)
  • Pixeleen Mistral
  • Codizzo Resident
  • Overbrain Unplugged (now banned)
  • Shifty Centaur

The only reason to be in both groups would be to exercise administrative control.  We see therefore that Pixeleen Mistral and at least these six others are actually playing a major role in operating the regions and are not simply observers or passive participants.

citizens of Second Life are urged caution when approaching these individuals. Linden Research legal transmitted a letter to Bellino in April of 2010 informing him that no Woodbury presence in Second Life would be tolerated. He is ignoring these instructions and sneaking back in under what one can only assume to be false pretenses, as well as assisting other permanently banned gang members to do so.

The Woodbury / Wrong Hands participants seek to align themselves with the notion of “hacktivism”, a relatively new term coined by designer/author Jason Sack in a 1995 InfoNation article about the media artist Shu Lea Cheang.  Woodbury’s claim to hacktivism as a noble pursuit is based entirely on illegal breaking and entering into the servers and databases owned by people with whom they have previously come into conflict, most notably Modular Systems, operators of the CDS (Client Detection System) and the Justice League Unlimited. In neither case were they successful in shutting down or limiting the operations of either of their victims.

The term “hacktivism” is meant to describe the use of destructive or illegal computer hacking to bring about social change.  However, in the case of Woodbury’s participation, the necessary bar of social change was never reached, relegating their activities to the mundane definition of felony computer invasion and content theft.

A Correction:

Sub Zero was not, in fact, an alt of Tizzers Foxchase.  His account was deleted in less than a minute after reporting it as being an alt of Tizzers Foxchase, but was removed from Second Life for reasons other than the reported one, at the Linden admin’s discretion.

Sub Zero was another griefer associated with the InfLife client (now the “Reborn” client), a Second Life client which appears to be little more than a copybot client made from the Phoenix client code base. The likelihood that the Reborn client actually exists is very low, considering that the Paypal account used by InfLife has been suspended and there is no new payment method available.  “Reborn” has never, to the knowledge of SCIFI.radio or the Justice League Unlimited, been encountered in the wild.

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