The Wrong Hands Logo
The Wrong Hands Logo.  Second Life Citizens are advised to be aware of where you see this symbol in-world and report its use to the proper authorities. By this we mean Linden Labs, of course.

Tux Winkler, the last member of the notorious Wrong Hands group to retain his original account, was deleted from Second Life  at approximately 9:30 this morning, for egregious violations of  the Second Life Term of Service .  With the loss of their sims Red Square and Revolution, the power of the Wrong Hands over the good people of Second Life is broken.

The Wrong Hands was a group virtually synonymous with that of the now banned Woodbury University group.  The group’s leader pro tem, Tux Winkler, was responsible for a spyware stalking network which targeted peacekeepers, but then broadened its scope to include anyone Tux Winkler didn’t happen to like.

The Wrong Hands group was also responsible for the theft of the Justice League Unlimited’s BrainiacWiki in January of 2010, a move originally touted as whistle-blowing, but their true griefer gang roots were exposed over time.

Activities of Woodbury University, an earlier related group called the Patriotic Nigras, and most recently The Wrong Hands have been strongly supported and sustained by Mark P. McCahill and Peter Ludlow of the Alphaville Herald, presumably to benefit their own academic work studying something they call “Hacktivism”.

The last remaining Wrong Hands base was located in Second Life in the southwest corner of the region known as  Superville.  Built and maintained by Tux Winkler, remained in place for a few hours, but by late afternoon was wiped clean and placed back into the pool of Linden owned property for resale.

On his blog, Winkler claims to have simply shut down his account abruptly and without warning; however, all his known alts are also missing from search, as well as one of the accounts of his wife Tuxette Magic (other of her alts remain untouched). The scripts used in his spyware stalking system have also been blacklisted and cannot be redeployed, effectively killing the system.

The action against Winkler was taken by the Lindens who disassembled some of his devices, verified what they did and how they worked and who Winkler was tracking, and based the ban on their findings.

Winkler is now a fugitive and unwelcome in Second Life.  Merely logging on for him is now a ToS violation.  The public is advised to remain vigilant, and report any sightings of Tux Winkler alternate accounts to the Lindens via abuse reporting.

Update: April 3, 2012

The region Nope in Second Life, established October 22 of 2011 and used exclusively by the fugitive Wrong Hands cybergang, went permanently offline approximately three weeks ago as of this date.  The Wrong Hands group itself appears missing as well.  This indicates a corrective action by Linden Lab.  The online community within Second Life is urged to report Wrong Hands members to Linden Lab admins via abuse reports whenever they are encountered.

It is rumored that Tux Winkler, long time Second Life troll and key figure in The Wrong Hands, has been placed under house arrest in his home in England back in February of 2012 for hacking into, and defacing, various web sites unrelated to the Second Life MMO service.  While this could not be readily confirmed, Winkler did completely vanish from Second Life so far as anyone has been able to determine, and his web sites and pages on various social media have been altered to cover his tracks, or completely removed.  In the meantime, still obsessed with trying to paint themselves as popular heroes, the Wrong Hands has been busy creating an extensive disinformation campaign, posting what can only be termed a very creative version of actual events on various third party web sites, whitewashing their break-ins, stalking and theft as being somehow justifiable.


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