“This Star Wars Day, May 4, 2024, Hotel Collection is proud to present an exclusive collaboration with Lucasfilm – a unique eight-fragrance line inspired by the Star Wars™ saga. Designed to bring the iconic universe into your home, this collection offers a sensory journey reminiscent of your favorite characters and their adventures.”

That’s what the press release says. Going to the web site to view the collection, what you get is something from their line of scent diffusers, fragrant oils, room sprays, car diffusers, reed diffusers and candles. There are a variety of scents available, each one meant to to recall some important aspect of the Star Wars saga. Here are Hotel Collection’s descriptions of the scents available, findable at Aroma360 retail locations and online at www.hotelcollection.com/pages/star-wars starting April 15, 2024: 

  • Rebel Spirit Collection: Experience the compassion and idealism of Luke Skywalker with fragrance notes of Bergamot, Rising Amber, and Valencia Orange, embodying his courageous spirit. 
  • Jedi Collection: Capture the essence of the light side of the Force with scent notes of Bergamot, Damask Rose, and Chinese Black Tea, reflecting the Jedi Code of goodness and selflessness.
  • The Dark Side Collection: Delve into the heartless and dominant nature of Darth Vader with notes of Sinister Sage, Patchouli, and Saffron, reflecting the character’s quest for power. 
  • The Duel Collection: Experience the epic battle between light and dark side of the Force featuring notes of Santal, Dim Amber, and Musk. 
  • The Force Collection: Enter the realm of wisdom and mastery inspired by Yoda with fragrance notes of Bright Neroli, Oud Wood, and Cardamom.
  • Sith Collection: Explore the darkness with notes of Cashmere Amber, Shadowy Violet, and Bitter Orange, representing passion, anger, and the allure of the dark side. 
  • Galactic Hope Collection: Celebrate the entire Star Wars saga with notes of Smooth Resin, Seductive Amber, and Vintage Wood encapsulating the essence of the entire Star Wars galaxy. 
  • THE EMPIRE Collection: Step into the dominion of the dark side featuring notes of Toasted Vanilla, Shadow Clove, and Black Amber, representing everything the dark side stands for. 

The Star Wars collaboration also features three special trio sets: 

  • The Light Collection Set
  • The Dark Side Collection Set
  • Light Side vs. Dark Side Set

Product tie-ins like these show how little the companies involved think of the geek community, and in this case the Star Wars fans in particular. It just strikes us as tone deaf.

Of all the Star Wars tie-in products we’ve ever encountered, this one, frankly, is a head scratcher. Remember that era of Steampunk when it had become so relatively mainstream that people would just go to the hobby store and buy decorative gears and glue them to random objects and paint it all brows and brass and call it Steampunk?

This is like that.


SCIFI Radio Staff
SCIFI Radio Staff

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