NCuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson star as The Doctor and Ruby Sunday in this newly rebooted science fiction adventure television series Doctor Who.


The spirit of Doctor Who is alive and well with this newest incarnation of The Doctor. The TARDIS drops out of the time-space continuum and comes to a sliding stop in the most stylish landing we’ve ever seen, and the rest of the trailer pretty much follows the same trope. There is no trace of the post-apocalyptic grit that has tainted sci-fi and fantasy for the past thirty years. It’s exciting, and hopeful, and it makes you yearn for this new universe. Showrunner Russel T. Davies has knocked it out of the park.

We get to thrill once again to the arrival of a brand new Doctor and Companion, her reaction to “bigger on the inside”, and the wonder of it all.

You’re going to want to watch this full screen, with the volume up. The whole thing kicks off on Disney+ on May 10 with 10 episodes, the first two being released at once.


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