Join us this Saturday, March 23, when hosts Susan Fox and Gene Turnbow welcome gifted game designer Paul Ehrlich to’s THE EVENT HORIZON. We will be discussing his game company Clever Recluse Games, and their first commercial release, A Shadowed House, a new and brilliantly written 5e-compatible one-shot adventure. It’s not your typical murder-hoboes-locked-in-a-dungeon quest.

“The thing’s breath overwhelms your senses as you run blindly through the forest. Suddenly, a house appears out of the rain, its door open like a gaping maw. Gratefully, you enter and the door slams shut behind you.”

You may have survived the forest. But can you survive A Shadowed House

A 5E adventure for first level characters.

  • New 5E Fear Mechanic
  • 5 Full Color Maps
  • 4 Full-page Handouts 
  • 2 New Terrifying Monsters for 5E

Death awaits the incautious. When played as written, this adventure offers an intense experience. 

CONTENT WARNING: This adventure contains blood, gore, animal mutilation, murder, and depictions of self-harm.

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