Bethesda Softworks has had Indiana Jones and the Great Circle in development for three years, and it’s finally time to show the world what they’ve been up to. It looks amazing. Watch.


Uncover one of history’s greatest mysteries in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle™, a first-person, single-player adventure set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark™ and The Last Crusade™. The year is 1937, sinister forces are scouring the globe for the secret to an ancient power connected to the Great Circle, and only one person can stop them – Indiana Jones™. You’ll become the legendary archaeologist in this cinematic action-adventure game from MachineGames, the award-winning studio behind the recent Wolfenstein series, and executive produced by Hall of Fame game designer Todd Howard.

Set between “Raiders of the Lost Ark™” and “The Last Crusade™”, Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is a first-person, single-player adventure that will take you all over the world, uncovering clues and solving an ancient mystery. Become the adventurer in a race against sinister forces. Your journeys will take you from the hallowed halls of the Vatican and the arid deserts of Egypt to the lush and sunken temples of Sukhothai and the frigid peaks of the Himalayas.

One of the most exciting features of Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is the first-person experience. This decision sets the game apart from other action-adventure titles like Uncharted or Tomb Raider. In an interview with Lucasfilm, Jerk Gustafsson, the game’s director, explained the rationale behind this choice. “First-person gameplay is part of MachineGames’ DNA, and we wanted to see how we could use this to create a really immersive experience around stepping into the shoes of the world’s most famous archaeologist.”

From their approach to crafting unique and believable stories and characters, to their over-the-top and unforgettable set pieces, MachineGames is the perfect studio to bring Indiana Jones to modern gaming.

“It’s like two pieces of a puzzle that just fit so well together,” says Senior Animator Rebecca Elfstr?m Hidén. “We have big, sometimes crazy ideas that seem insane on paper, but they meshed really well with the franchise. You’ve got this amazing adventure that digs into the heart of the character and shines a light on all the things that made people fall in love with him in the first place, and then you’ve got these big, complex set pieces that just fit really well in there. Our DNA and the pillars of Indiana Jones just came together so naturally.”

And the team can’t wait for the world to see more of what they’ve been working on. Everyone at MachineGames has their own reasons for why Indy is so important to them. It’s the feeling of taking part in a great adventure, and memories of growing up watching the movies with their families. For some it’s even been about passing that love and those moments down to their own kids.

“There are a lot of Indiana Jones fans at MachineGames. Most of us grew up with Indy and fell in love with the movies and the character when we were young. We’ve just got these ties to the character that go back decades,” agrees Game Director Jerk Gustafsson. “But even if you didn’t grow up with Indiana Jones, you know Indiana Jones. He’s a relatable type of hero and a true adventurer. That’s a legacy we want to share and be part of, and we want to build something interesting and genuine.”

The game uses Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford’s likeness, while Troy Baker provides voiceover work for the character. Other voice actors included Alessandra Mastronardi as Gina Lombardi, Marios Gavrilis as Emmerich Voss and Tony Todd as Locus.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle™ is coming later this year to Xbox Series X|S and PC and will be available day one on Game Pass. (Disney figured that releasing it to just those two markets was big enough to satisfy their sales expectations).


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