Gary Dauberman will write and showrun a new Gargoyles series, based on the scifi/fantasy animated series from the 90s.

Gary Dauberman and James Wan’s Atomic Monster company are known for the hit Annabelle horror movies, and are now are remaking the well regarded cartoon as a live-action series for Disney+. The project is said to be in early development at Disney TV.

The animated Gargoyles was made by Walt Disney Television Animation and aired three seasons, from 1994 to 1997. The premise involved gargoyle statues moved from a castle in Scotland to modern-day New York. Manhattan awakens the statues xfrom a thousand-year-old spell and they take on the mantle of protecting the city, becoming: “stone by day, warriors by night.”

Official description –

“Based on the cult classic Disney animated series, Goliath is the last of a heroic race of gargoyle warriors who once lived among mankind. Free from a centuries long curse that turned him into stone, Goliath struggles to solve the mystery of his past while watching over modern-day New York City alongside police detective Elisa Maza.”

Gargoyles creator Gary Weisman

Gargoyles was originally created by Greg Weisman and was produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Though a Disney series, the show was known for darker themes and sword and sorcery elements combined with sci-fi and melodrama. And had a voice cast including Star Trek alumni Jonathan Frakes (Riker), Marina Sirtis Troy), and Ed Asner.

There have been video game ,comic book, and game adaptions, but no new shows until today’s announcement. Several attempt were made but none were green-lit until now, including rejected scripts from Jordan Peele and the show’s creator, Weisman. Greg Weisman has a recent comic adaptation from Dynamite.

The original series was not horror, so we’ll have to wait for more announcements to learn which way the story will be going. Maybe the bloodless fights will change.

Gargoyles has been a much beloved series ever since its original inception. There is a substantial fan-run wiki on the show.

You can watch the original series on Disney+ or Prime. Dauberman has another King adaptation based on Salem’s Lot in the works. James Wan is finishing Aquaman 2, that movie will be out December 20th.


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David Raiklen

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