Destiny isn’t done with them just yet… The Doctor and Donna return for three special episodes. #DoctorWho returns this November to @BBC iPlayer in the UK and, in a first for the world’s longest running science fiction television series, @disneyplus in the rest of the world.


The brand new trailer features Neil Patrick-Harris waltzing onto the scene, as it is now revealed that he will play the Toymaker, an all-powerful enemy last seen in 1966 – but what is it that brings the Doctor face-to-face with this enemy from his past? David Tennant and Catherine Tate reprise their roles as the Doctor and Donna Noble respectively. Exactly how they resolve the problem of Donna Noble’s brain burning to ash once she remembers that she is actually a mental fusion comprised of the original Donna Noble and a Timelord is a point of great curiousity.

Also shown, UNIT is back with a bang! Jemma Redgrave reprises her iconic role as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart alongside David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor.

Russell T Davies, Showrunner said:

“This is just the start, as the fever starts to burn. We’re heading for a November full of Doctor Who surprises, for fans and new viewers alike. Stay alert!”

The BBC also offers a number of games the more avid fans might find of interest, all free to play.

But when is it airing, you say? Apparently even the BBC doesn’t know yet. All they’re saying is that it will be some time in November. Our guess is that it will approximately coincide with the American holiday of Thanksgiving, but that’s just a guess.

David Tennant and Donna Noble are back in a three part special, after which Ncuti Gatwa will take over the role as the Doctor, with his new companion, Ruby Sunday, to be played by Millie Gibson.


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