Today’s Video of the Day is Apocraphe’s Mighty Like Guybrush. It’s a Point’n’Click LucasArts Video Game Rap that captures the spirit of Nerdcore, a subgenre of rap music that celebrates geek culture.

The LucasArts games were invariably about a lowly protagonist who, despite incredible odds, somehow muddles through and wins the day. Mighty Like Guybrush draws from the entire history of LucasArts adventure games, everything from The Secret of Monkey Island to Grim Fandango, Loom, Day of the Tentacle, Maniac Mansion and more. The name comes from the lead character Guybrush Threepwood, the clumsy and disorganized central character in The Secret of Monkey Island and its four sequels.

Rap is a particularly difficult music form. Everybody knows traditional music – it uses the voices and physical capabilities of the instruments to create the auditory shapes and tonality of the music. Rap, however, concentrates on the properties of the human voice itself. Traditional melody and rhythm give way to a new auditory construct.

Apocraphe’s offering, released by is a rap/hiphop blend of all of it. At times hard to parse, his rapidfire delivery and full metal engagement with the subject material earns it a place on the front page of, and another in our regular on-air playlist.

Mighty Like Guybrush is released by Main Rock Records, owned by the hiphop artist Apocraphe. Main Rock Records was founded in 2002 in the UK. After releasing 12 projects on vinyl and CD for many highly respected underground artists as well as 2 EPs of his own, Apocraphe moved the company (and himself) to Paris in 2011. There he became manager for Naiad, a Parisian Jazz Hiphop band who were part of the legendary L’Affaire Collective. He also recorded and mixed various projects, including the classic EP ‘Paris South Playa’ for Mothas La Masquerade. Moving to Toulouse in 2017, he took on presentation duties for the K7 live band open mic, establishing himself as a key presence in the Toulousain hiphop scene whilst acting as advisor and mentor to various artists. With this return as main feature artist, decades of development and growth are brought to the fore.

Everybody needs a little encouragement – this song will make you feel mighty, like Guybrush.


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