For Star Trek fans, the San Diego Comic-Con for 2023 is the gift that keeps on giving. If you love the action factor of Star Trek: Discovery coming from Paramount+ for the final season, you are going to love this clip. Have a look.

Star Trek: Discovery will be wrapping up in early 2024 but plenty of thrills will be packed into its final mission. Thanks to San Diego Comic-Con, we have a new trailer that offers the best glimpse of season five so far.

At San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday, Paramount revealed the first extended footage from season 5, which sees Burnham on a wild chase as she finds herself in pursuit of some mysterious villains and their stolen loot, trying to carve a hole in their warp drive without blowing it up — or herself, or the other ships chasing them.

We include the Twitter post (Elon Musk is calling it “X” now, good luck trademarking that one), just in case you’re outside the U.S.:


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