This evening we’ve got a special treat for you: the composers of the soundtrack for the Warner Home Video movie The Killing Joke, composers Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter, and Michael McCuistion, of the Emmy-winning Dynamic Music Partners (DMP). The trio has been working together for the better part of ten years, creating music for a substantial portion of all the comics and sci-fi themed animated shows and movies since then.

Mark Hamill poses with Michael McCuistion (right), Lolita Ritmanis (center) and Kristopher Carter (left).

The Killing Joke is a faithful adaptation of Moore’s influential book, and the score for the film is appropriately creepy and dark.  The composers of DMP were influenced by everything from Johann Strauss and Nine Inch Nails, jazz noir and the work of Bernard Herrman … and their own worst experiences. To get into the Joker’s head, they found themselves looking at their own inner demons for inspiration.

Tune in this evening at 9 pm PT / Midnight ET as your hosts Gene Turnbow and Susan Fox welcome these three remarkable composers for an hour-long discussion of Killing Joke, their personal inspirations, and the journey they took to get here.

We play a lot of their music here on  For example, they wrote the marvelous musical from the first season of  Batman: Brave and the Bold in the episode Mayhem of the Music Meister, sung by Neal Patrick Harris in the title role. All of the music they write, surprisingly, is available through La La Land Records. You can even buy the sound track for The Killing Joke there.

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