Jen Usellis, AKA Jenbom, AKA the Klingon Pop Warrior, has released an amazing new music video of her cover of Finnish rapper Käärijä’s Cha Cha Cha. In Jenbom’s version of it, the song is about her frustrations with her own captain, and how she’s going to take command from him and captain her own ship. In Klingon, Cha Cha Cha means “Photon torpedo, photon torpedo, photon torpedo!”

Jen Usellis has been setting loose songs in Klingon since 2014, with her albums and singles appearing on Bandcamp, Spofify, YouTube, with the initial releases on her own web site at where you can support her directly via a Ko-Fi tipjar, or buy her music and other merch.

Jen Usellis herself has appeared on’s THE EVENT HORIZON as a guest on four occasions. Here is her most recent guest episode:

Enjoy the music. Whether you are a fan of the Klingon language and Star Trek or not, it’s great stuff.


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