It’s another amazing song from The Chalkeaters, the same production group that created the Breathtaking music video. They’re a gaming music project based in St. Petersburg, Russia. They make songs and music videos about the gaming industry and related memes.

And this time they’ve put Valve in the crosshairs. Why is it that they just can’t seem to get Halflife to a third installment? Gabe Newell gets roasted in this new music video.

Ellen McLain is the original GLADOS from Valve’s breakthrough games Portal and Portal 2. You’ll probably also recognize her unmistakeable voice of Gipsy Danger in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, and it’s amazing to hear her voice in fan-made music.

This one is bouncy and energetic, with a strong electroswing spirit. We know you’re gonna love this one.

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We hope you like today’s selection. We sure did!


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