Lego announced Tuesday a new Batman Batcave building set, this time inspired by the 1992 Tim Burton-directed feature Batman Returns.

At an eye-watering $449.99, the new set meant for the adult collector and contains almost 4,000 pieces. The design approach for the set is unique, building up into a shadow box that opens up to reveal a highly detailed Batcave with display pieces and Batman iconography. You can move the furniture, change out images on the Bat-computer, and even open the vault. There is even a LEGO model of the iconic Tim Burton / Michael Keaton 1989 Batmobile.

The set also features mini-figs, this time including Bruce Wayne (and Batman), Catwoman and The Penguin, Alfred Pennyworth and Max Shreck, the villainous tycoon played by Christopher Walken. The Batman minifigure, curiously, has the cape and cowl as a single piece, as contrasted to most of the representations of the Dark Knight in LEGO form where the cape and cowl are separate pieces.

This isn’t the first time the Batcave has been rendered in LEGO form, Previous sets that included it were “Batman Clayface Invasion” and the Adam West version in “Classic TV Batcave”. This new set, though, takes the concept to entirely new depths.

The set goes on sale Jun 8, but LEGO VIP’s can get it early starting June 5.


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