This little gem was a fun, enjoyable treat that MIB Irene from Steve Jackson Games demo’d for us. It’s a quick game of chance, based on the roll of the die. I loved everything about Hack & Slash.

Per their site:

In this quick game, your guild of adventurers is ready for anything: battles, rescues, and the “liberation” of whatever pays the most. Choose a quest and roll the dice! You may win fame, and even recruit a new comrade for your party. Or you may fail, and slink back to the Tavern.

Don’t fail!

The learning curve and the fast paced enjoyment on this one is so worth while. We played a number of matches, and each time, lady luck had cursed my dice. But it didn’t stop the fun. You can take on different quests to earn points, hang out at the tavern to recruit more meeple, or check out the shop for a chance at some awesome gear to use on the next quest.

I enjoyed this game so much that as soon as I got home from the convention, I jumped onto the Kickstarter they had running and snagged one of the top tiers. The playmat isn’t required, but it did make the game easier to play I think. Visual reminders for those of us who are severely ADHD.

I cannot wait for this Kickstarter to deliver so I can play this with the family. It will no doubt be hours of fun for everyone.

~William Joseph Roberts~ aka (HIllbilly)


William J. Roberts
William J. Roberts

William J. Roberts is an award-winning author, editor and publisher for Three Ravens Publishing.