Two Christian groups are demanding a boycott of Disney+’s popular series Loki. Both the Facebook group Christians Against the Loki Series and the American Family Association (AFA) are complaining that Disney’s series starring British actor Tom Hiddleston is too smutty and too family-unfriendly. They are demanding a boycott of Loki as well as other Disney + shows because Loki, being a Norse god and gender-fluid (indeed, as my esteemed colleague Thaddeus Howze aka the Answer Man pointed out, species-fluid) is inappropriate for the eyes of innocent, clean-minded American children.

It should be noted that the Christians Against the Loki Series group on Facebook is likely just a trolling group, as the previous name of the group was “Dogecoin to the Moon”, and changed only recently. It didn’t acquire its seventeen thousand members on the strength of a Christian anti-Loki movement, but gained its following when it was called something else entirely.

As an ex-teacher, I invite anyone who thinks 21st century American children are innocent and clean-minded to spend a week subbing in a junior high school or middle school.

Disney has survived boycotts before and will doubtless do so again.

Christians Against the Loki Series complained “God has once again set us on a task to remove smut from our children’s viewing. Not only is Loki glamorizing false prophets by promoting the Norse religion, he will also be “gender fluid.” Disney has been leading the charge with liberal propaganda and we cannot allow them to continue. We will boycott this show as well as Disney+ and all their shows.”

Since 1020 AD, the state religion of Norway has been the Church of Norway, a Lutheran denomination. From 1537 to 2012, the king of Norway was head of the church; the Norwegian constitution still requires the king to be a member of the Church of Norway. The Founding Fathers were explicitly clear in the Constitution that they did not want to have a state religion where one denomination could impose its will on all citizens, whether of that faith or not.

This is not the first time Tom Hiddleston has caused a fuss on the Internet. You may remember back in 2016 when Hiddleston set the Twitterverse swooning and was accused of breaking the Internet after showing his rear end in The Night Manager. Those who saw it said it was a very nice rear end. Luckily for AFA, Hiddleston is unlikely to do a nude scene on Disney + … although it would be canonically in character for the Norse god of mischief.


Susan Macdonald
Susan Macdonald

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